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Meet the Leaders

As leaders of God's church, we are entrusted with protecting, leading, equipping, and caring for the corporate church body and her individual members. We are committed to work together to steward the church body in all areas. We also are committed to raising up new leaders as well. Our leaders manage the day to day operations of the church, in order to be devoted to the study of scripture and prayer.
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Our Youth

The purpose of the NFT Youth Ministry is to grow youth in their knowledge of and relationship with Jesus Christ. By using sound biblical teaching principles and discipleship, the ministry seeks to excite, inspire, capture and ignite young people for Jesus Christ. It is our goal to connect with and engage young people in an appropriate way, so they understand the relevancy of God today and enable them to become tomorrow's Christian leaders.

Pentecostal History

THE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST is a Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in which the word of God is preached, ordinances are administered and the doctrine of sanctification or holiness is emphasized, as being essential to the salvation of mankind. Our Church is commonly known as being Holiness or Pentecostal in nature because of the importance ascribed to the events which occurred on the Day of Pentecost, the 50th day after
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