Gifts for the Gift


The giving of gifts has become a tradition of Christmas. This tradition was started when God gave us a gift in the form of his son Jesus Christ. He was king yet everything about him says otherwise. Instead of being born in a Palace he was born in a stable. Instead of a long flowing robe that was worn by Kings he was wrapped in swaddling clothes. His cabinet members consisted of sheep, cows, and other livestock that sought refuge in the stable where he was born. Such humble beginnings for one who Isaiah referred to as wonderful counselor; Prince of Peace and the everlasting father! He wears many hats but to sum it all up he is God’s GIFT to man! Traditionally we give gifts to those who are celebrating a birthday. We don’t know when Christ was born but Christmas has been set aside to celebrate his birth. It’s his birthday but we never consider what does he want for his birthday. After giving this some thought, I thought of 3 GIFTS FOR THE GIFT. The first GIFT we can give the GIFT is our life. He gave his life and in exchange we now have forgiveness of sin and Eternal Life. I can think no better gift to give the GIFT than our life. The second gift is that we LOVE ONE ANOTHER UNCONDITIONALLY! What a reflection of God’s Love for us that we love one another with no strings attached! He sent his son not to die for perfect people but he sent him to die for people with issues and flaws. People may have hurt and disappointed you and you feel they are not deserving of your love.But if you want make the GIFT happy love one another unconditionally. The final gift is sharing the GIFT with others!

Christmas is known for being a season of happiness and joy! But during this season there are those who are hurt, disappointed and lonely. A gift might pacify them but it never satisfies them.

Their wounds run deep and they are bearing the scars of past hurts! A gift from under the tree is not their solution! However if you share with them the GIFT that hung on the tree….the GIFT that loves them for who they are! The GIFT that has given them an invitation to come unto him…..I believe they too will have a merry Christmas!!!

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