The Fight is Fixed

I Corinthians 15:57
The fight is fixed!

During the early 60’s the sport of boxing was tarnished by what beacme known as FIXED FIGHTS! It was called a FIXED FGHT because both boxers knew who was going to win the fight before they entered the ring. The predetermined winner would take some blows and even get knocked down but he knew in the end that he would win! This is eblematic the child of God who is in a constant battle with his enemy, the Devil (see I Peter 5:8). In this passages the Apostle Paul offers thanks to God who constantly gives us victory!

Victory is not a one time experience for the child of God.

Because of him (See I John 4:4) we should expect victory in every battle the enemy brings our way! There are times that we are knocked down and facing what appears to be sure defeat, but in the end we know we are victors because the fight is fixed!

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