The Sale of a Lifetime

Isaiah 55:1
The Sale of a life time!

Advertisers have a way of getting the attention of consumers. They come up with catchy advertising phrases such as 90% mark down. 50% off and additional 20% at the register! Buy one and get one free! Needless to say deals like these are hard to pass up. Centuries ago the Lord used the Prophet Isaiah to go on an advertising campaign. In this verse the prophet uses the words water, milk, and wine as Metaphors to describe those things that are necessary for spiritual life. Often time in scripture bread and milk are used as metaphors for the word of God. He has given us his word to nourish our spirit when are weak and broken. To reassure us when we are faced with insurmountable odds! Wine is used to denote joy!

Often times we make the mistake of attempting to obtain joy through THINGS and PEOPLE only to discover that when things get old and people reject us we are back in the dumps.

But the joy that comes from him goes beyond human comprehension! The joy that comes from him cannot be extinguished because of unforeseen circumstances! Isaiah said you do not need money to purchase these precious resources! God has given them to us FREE OF CHARGE! This is THE SALE OF A LIFETIME!

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